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Iceland, a hidden pearl

Iceland is truly a land of the opposites, often referred to as 'the land of ice and fire' and with the midnight sun in the summer time and the northern lights in the dark winter days, rough landscape and vast wilderness it leaves no one untouched. Iceland has world famous streams full of Atlantic salmon, Arctic chars and brown trout and the shore line gives great opportunities for surf fishing for the giants, and it is the home to one of the best wing shooting countries of Europe! With hundreds of thousands geese flocking down from the highlands in the autumn, rock ptarmigans and sea birds (incl. Puffins), the notorious Arctic fox, seals and reindeers it gives the true feeling of being one with the wild nature!

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Hunting and Angling in Norway

Norway is a top destination for hunters and anglers across the world, it has great nature and a varity of possibilities ranging from sea angling to top salmon rivers and small game to a world class moose hunts. The countrie has as well a comfortable climate and a magnicifient nature!

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Have a trip to Greenland!

In spite of the domineering Ice cap, Greenland wildlife has access to a much larger domain than we humans do. The fiords do not pose the same hurdle for land mammals, birds have their own highways in the air over the fjords, sea and mountains, and ocean animals are tied together by a global, borderless ecosystem. It is of less significance that the Ice Cap takes up about 80 % of the total landmass in Greenland, a fact which is often dragged out as a special Greenlandic challenge.

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